Tropical holiday at Redang island

Tropical holiday at Redang island, Malaysia

Redang island is world- renowned for its beautiful beach and very clear and warm waters. This is true. The sand is powdery soft and white, the sea is blue and very clear, the weather is very very sunny, perfect for a cooling swim. (Do read this post to know what you should pack for a fantastic tropical island holiday.) I need not say more, picture says a thousand words.

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How to get there?

Redang island is located off the shore at the east of Malaysia.

By air:

You are able to fly Berjaya Air either from Singapore Changi Airport or Kuala Lumpur (the capital of Malaysia) Subang Airport directly to Redang Island.  The duration of flight is about 1 hour.

Other methods:

You can either take a ferry from Shahbandar Jetty in Kuala Terengganu or Merang Jetty. It depends on the types of resorts you are checking in at. To get to the jetty, you may want to check with your resort on options available, or you can take a cab or use the coach service.

Best time to go Redang

Please avoid traveling from November till end February as its the monsoon season.  You may wish to consider avoiding the busiest month, that is, June when its the school vacation period. The sea on March and October are relatively rougher, if you have kids, for safety reason, you may want to choose an alternative period to travel. If you are passionate about wildlife, do note that August is the nesting month for green turtles and September is when whale sharks may visit the area as part of their migratory journey.

My personal experience at Redang with Laguna Island Resort

The package includes buffet for 3 meals. The food may not be fantastic and widespread, but it was pretty decent enough. Despite so, I quite enjoyed the meal due to the spectacular scenery. The staff were polite and helpful.  Below is the image of the eating place.


The laguna resort which I stayed in is very famous for the “More More Tea” Inn which was featured in a HongKong Movie “厦日沫 沫 “ many years back. This is how it looks like now. Its no longer an Inn but a souvenir shop instead now.

mok mok cha inn

Behind this “Inn”, there is a snorkel gear, life jacket rental shop….


This is how it looks like at night….


We had a 3D2N tour. This tour is inclusive of 2-3 open sea snorkel trips. It was a big group trip by several medium size boats. It was very crowded. I went during the May period.

The snorkel trips were alright. The waters were clear, the visibility was good. However, I was disappointed with the pollution I witnessed caused by people. While snorkelling, I noticed there were a few plastic bottles dropped and sunk onto the sea bed. Also saw a few people littering their cigarettes. I am actually very disturbed and saddened by that. I am worried and concerned that this place may not be as beautiful anymore in the near future and the marine life would slowly diminished.

I  hope that the place can also have a fresher air, free from smoke so that people with respiratory problems can breathe freely and healthily there as well…

Coming from a city, I have never lie on a hammock before. It was certainly a very relaxing experience. At that moment, time seems to slow down and all troubles suddenly.vanished

rendang 6

Apart from snorkeling, diving and eating, you are able to participate in some wildlife activity as well….


As part of the Banyan Tree Phuket’s Seedilngs mentorship programme, the Committee organised the “release the turtles” activity. Each participant can experience releasing a turtle, with their donations going to research in an effort to protect endangered sea turtles. I can’t remember where did these turtles come from, whether they are newly hatched turtles from the rescued turtles’ eggs or what….pardon me.


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Another way to enjoy the beach is playing beach soccer with your buddies, perhaps?


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