Things to sea in Netherlands


Netherlands is also called the Venice at the North. Both Netherlands and Venice are equally renowned for their beautiful canals.

The low-lying Netherlands has about 2/3 of its land vulnerable to flooding. To prevent flooding, Netherlands has a complex system of dikes, dams, canals, drainage ditches and pumping stations.

Netherlands is famous for its liberal policy towards smoking of cannabis- products. It is also famous for its red-light district and being the first country to legalise euthanasia.

The Dutch feel that, regardless whether these practices were to be prohibited or not, these practices would still happen. For example, people who choose to take drugs would still take drugs. The government would rather be able to educate these people openly.

The Dutch also believe that by legalising prostitution would prevent prostitution from going underground. At the same time, this would allow better access to the prostitutes. That could ensure that they are not mistreated.

In the view of euthanasia, the Dutch think that its realistic that some patients perfer to end their suffering.

Controversial but certainly they do have their valid points.

Interesting and happy to know that Dutch are quite environmental friendly. Cycling is their main form of transport. It is one of the 2 things that children need to learn from young. Children also need to  begin learning swimming at a very young age for safety reason.

Netherlands adopts a welfare system. They are taxed very heavily but they are well-looked after in almost all aspects. Hence, Netherlands is ranked 4th in the World Happiness Report. They have little worries. They have a very slow pace. They believe in giving and helping the poor and needy. Its a very heart-warming place.

Things to “sea” and do in Netherlands

1) Cruise or boat along the beautiful Amsterdam canals

Netherlands Amsterdam canals
Netherlands Amsterdam canals
Netherlands Canal Boat
Netherlands Canal Boat

Probably the most famous thing to see in Netherlands is the renowned canals of Amsterdam.  The best way to explore these multiple network of canals is definitely by the mode of water on a comfortable  cruise. You are able to view the various attractions such as the different world class museums (Van Gogh Museum etc) on the canal boat. Relax and take in the magical views!

2) Live in a Boathouse in Amsterdam

Netherlands Houseboat
Netherlands Houseboat

A dream- come- true for many! You are able to do so and wake up to the amazing historic harbour view.

You can find such lodgings by browsing in airbnb. Just simply join airbnb using this link to save $25 on your first booking.

3) Experience the Red-light district

Netherlands Red Light District
Netherlands Red Light District

This is certainly quite an unique attraction. Amsterdam Red Light district is one of the largest and the best-known in the world. It is an eye-opener to foreigners who come from a more conservative background.

This district is made up of different alleys and are illuminated by red lights. Prostitutes rent the cabins to offer their sexual services. They would dress seductively and pose behind their windows or glass doors waiting for their customers.

Cautious! Not recommended to go alone. Ensure your partner is with you if you wish to visit to have a look. 

4) Indulge in the delicious Dutch waffles and pancakes at Volendam!

One is never enough! <3 You would agree with me on that.

These waffles and pancakes look irresistible and so lovely! My personal take is that it is the best waffle I’ve ever eaten, even better than real Belgium waffle which I had.

The waffle is so crispy, fluffy and light! The nutella sauce is hot and rich.  The cream so creamy and fresh. The raspberry and mulberry, not only are healthy but they are surprisingly sweet and juicy with just a tinge of right degree of sourness.

Dont stop at one or you will regret!

5) Taste local seafood delights at Volendam

Fish and chips
Netherlands Fish & Chips

Pardon my poor photography skill. This fish and chip, though may not look delightful, it certainly is better than its appearance.

Volendam is an old fishing village. Seafood, therefore is a must-try! You can have some fresh fish at Volendam and bring back some memories with you clothing their traditional Volendam costumes.

6) Say cheese in the Cheese Factory

Netherlands Cheese factory
Cheese factory

Netherlands is well-known for its dairy products (like New Zealand), that includes its excellent cheese.

For cheese lovers, have you ever wondered about the cheese-making process? Learn all about this in the cheese factory and have some cheese samplings while you enjoy your shopping.

 7) Clad your feet in the oldest surviving Netherlands clogs

Clogs were worn by farmers in the past. Clogs were useful as the wood material is waterproof, sturdy and durable. In addition, the hard material protects the farmers from any possible fallen object on their toes.

In the modern days, these clogs may have been replaced by the normal shoes in daily life. But, their position in Dutch culture is irreplaceable.

8) Admire the spectacular flowers bloom in Mid-April

holland flowers
holland flowers “photo credit:”


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