Things to sea in Venice trip

Things to “sea” and do in Venice trip

In this post, I would like to share my Venice trip experience and things to do and “sea” in Venice, one of the top places in many girls’ travel bucket list, is certainly dreamy, lovely and romantic.

Things to do in Venice trip
Charming Venice

Things to do in Venice trip- Hop onto a gondola!

One of the top things to do and experience, almost needless-to-mention, is to float around Venice on a gondola. Soak in and marvel at the gorgeous views offered by the various canals and colourful architecture while you relax on the gondola with your loved ones and the gondolier.

Its about 80€ for 40 minutes ride and each gondola can take 6 passengers. Although the ride is not cheap, I did not regret a bit. The experience is worth the money spent. The water city is made of many canals, hence travelling by water is the best way to explore this city. The gondola is low-rise. Hence, you are able to have a good view of the sometimes blue, sometimes sapphire green sea.

Being the first time on gondola, my group mates were very excited and wanted to take as many photos as we could. I moved a few times to help them take photo. This caused the gondola to shake and destabilise a little. The gondolier made an angry groan at me, each time I moved. I decided to stop trying and to my surprise, he still groaned, but leaking a smile out. He was just playful and trying to be funny. Lol.

Things to do in Venice trip
Charming Venice 2

An alternative option to explore the water by gondola is by water taxi. This is a more prudent mode of transport. And, you need not worry about rain.

Things to do in Venice trip- Saint Mark’s Basilica

Things to do in Venice trip
Charming Venice 3
Things to do in Venice trip
Charming Venice 4

The church was constructed in honor of Saint Mark the evangelist. His remains were stolen from his home in Egypt by Venetians who wanted to bring him to rest here in Venice.

Things to do in Venice trip- Window-shopping

Things to do in Venice trip
Charming Venice 5

There are a variety of things you can look at. There are jewellery shops, optical shops, Italian fashion boutiques and souvenir shops. I bought myself a Gucci sunglass at good discount. Hehe. If you are not cost- conscious, there are wide selections of souvenirs you can get for your friends. However, if you are more prudent like me, for some identical souvenir you find at Venice, you are also able to find at the harbour before reaching Venice. 😉

For couples, you may want to get a couple portrait with the beautiful backdrop. :) Or, probably perhaps get a oil paintings back to keep your memories here alive!

Things to do in Venice trip- Feed your stomach full with Italian delights

Your Italy trip is never complete if you don’t have these food!

Things to do in Venice trip
Italian cappuccino

Italian coffee is still the best. So rich, fragrant and smooth。。

Things to do in Venice trip
Seafood soup

Absolutely tasty taste of the seafood is enhanced by the fresh herbs garnish.

Things to do in Venice trip
Seafood spaghetti

Pasta cooked al dente with succulent fresh prawns.

Things to do in Venice trip

Fresh creamy mascarpone cheese with strong coco power and soft lady fingers dipped with liquor.  Tiramisu melts my heart and is all-time-favourite.

In a nutshell, Venice is nice. It matches to my expectation, although it can be very touristy. But, its worth coming especially when this place is going to disappear in a few decades time. It’d be a shame when this happens. This fact is evident even in present days. Just at the front of the foyer, there were many stools being stacked in the middle. to prepare when flooding occurs, which is pretty common already.

This is a place that especially sea-lovers must go. Imagine a place that is surrounded by blue water all-around.


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