Heartland Hotel Queenstown


Heartland Hotel Queenstown Heartland Hotel is my favourite accommodation out of the many places I stayed in during my trip in South New Zealand. It is not just beautiful and cosy, it is affordable for budget travellers as well! This hotel sits on a hill just in front of the gorgeous Lake Wakatipu. We are […]

Mountain Cook Glacier park

tasman glacier lake

Mountain Cook Glacier park Have you seen a real floating iceberg before? Do you want to touch this 300- 500 year old iceberg? You can do that in Mountain Cook with the various free treks they have that bring you to the Tasman lake or by Glacier Explorer, New Zealand, Mountain Cook to explore on […]

Zealand Queenstown restaurants

Zealand Queenstown restaurants Queenstown is not just the top tourist destination in New Zealand mainly because of its beauty and the many thrilling and fun activities it offers. It is also because of its wide array of international food options. You can always find something suitable to your own mood and desire. If you are […]

Best underwater camera for the sea


Best underwater camera for the sea Underwater cameras are a must- have for capturing amazing marine life. I was using Olympus Tough TG-850 when I visited New Zealand to swim with the dolphins in the sea. Here are some of my top choices based on my own research. Each camera is good it different ways, […]

Kaikoura best restaurants

chocolate crepe

Kaikoura best restaurants Kai stands for food or meal whereas kōura refers to crayfish. Put it together, Kaikoura symbolizes crayfish and it is a heaven for crayfish lovers! Kaikoura’s specialty also includes all types of other seafood such as Cod, grouper, mussels, abalone, oysters and scallops. Cods & Crayfish 81 Beach Road Kaikoura 7300 For tourists […]