Feeding wild dolphins Australia

Feeding wild dolphins, Tangalooma- Australia

Bottlenose Dolphins

If you love to meet the playful bottlenose dolphins, how about feeding these wild dolphins? I experienced that at Tangalooma, Moreton Island at Australia. Its near to Brisbane. The experience was magical!

photo credit: http://pixabay.com/en/bottlenose-dolphin-dolphin-tooth-406763/
photo credit: http://pixabay.com/en/bottlenose-dolphin-dolphin-tooth-406763/

Bottlenose dolphins are resided usually at warmer tropical waters all around the world. Apart from their cute appearance, they are also often associated with high intelligence level as they have high brain to body mass ratio.  This ratio is rather close to humans and great apes.

Setting off to the Moreton Island from Brisbane

ferry to moreton island




Arrival at the island….

We were greeted by these 2 sea birds when we arrived at the island. All of the animals on the island are wild, hence, it is highly not encouraged to go too near to them as they are very afraid of humans.

Sea birds on the island


Admiring the beautiful scenery and enjoying the serenity….


P1050827 P1050829

Also, watching people enjoying their hiking up the hills…

feeding wild dolphins

What a nice place to stay…


Found a starfish! P1060069

The amazing sunset view…P1060070


Its feeding time!

We were all assembled and waiting for the dolphins to appear…..according to the guide, the dolphins visit every evening for feeding….and here they are!


We were all instructed to wash off the sunblock from our hands and legs before we enter the waters…This is so that the dolphins would not be exposed to the harmful chemicals….I really respect and admire how professional and passionate about marine life the biologists are.

We were lined up and given a fish to take turns to feed the dolphins.



feeding the dolphins

It was a very delightful and pleasurable moment! Definitely, must try once in your lifetime. I never forget how the dolphin grabbed its fish from my hand, so cute.

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