World’s most charming coastal towns

Cinque Terre

12 World’s most charming coastal towns Ilulissat, Greenland Though not known to many, Ilulissat is certainly one of the most charming coastal towns in the world. About Greenland and its indigenous people- Inuits The modern Inuits were the descendants of the Thule people who migrated out of Asia, across the Bering Strait. Bering Strait is a narrow sea passage […]

Summer travel checklist

Summer holiday travel checklist Its summer again! Time to head out to some beaches and have some Vitamin D. Summer is the best time to enjoy the myraid activities such as surfing, snorkelling (refer to this post to plan your snorkel trip), other marine life activities (swim with dolphins, feeding dolphins, release tortoise) and hiking. You […]

Rhine Falls

Rhine falls

Rhine Falls Rhine Falls is the largest plain waterfall in Europe. It is situated near Schaffhausen in northern Switzerland. It is part of the Rhine River. The Rhine River flows through six countries. It had served as a link between northern and southern Europe since Roman times. The Rhine River began in the Swiss Alps […]

Things to sea in Netherlands

Amsterdam canals

Netherlands Netherlands is also called the Venice at the North. Both Netherlands and Venice are equally renowned for their beautiful canals. The low-lying Netherlands has about 2/3 of its land vulnerable to flooding. To prevent flooding, Netherlands has a complex system of dikes, dams, canals, drainage ditches and pumping stations. Netherlands is famous for its […]

Things to sea in Venice trip

Venice on gondola

Things to “sea” and do in Venice trip In this post, I would like to share my Venice trip experience and things to do and “sea” in Venice, one of the top places in many girls’ travel bucket list, is certainly dreamy, lovely and romantic. Things to do in Venice trip- Hop onto a gondola! One of the top things […]